How Our Pre-Orders Work


 At Turquoise Haven, we open pre-orders each month for new styles, prints, and restocks. You do not pay for pre-order items until they ship. Most pre-orders will ship within 6-8 weeks after the pre-order date, although some may ship sooner or later. Please stay updated with our weekly emails and join our VIP Facebook group for the latest styles.

We also offer ready-to-ship styles, which are available under the designated tab on our website and within our Wholesale VIP Group on Facebook  if you prefer not to Pre- Order. Additionally, some of our styles are available for purchase on Faire.

All pre-orders are processed in the order received, and those who pay first will have their orders shipped first. It's important to note that placing a pre-order does not guarantee your order. To increase your chances of securing a pre-order, we recommend placing your order promptly and paying quickly.

For added convenience, you can always keep a card on file to ensure you don't miss out on payment links in our emails. Once pre-order items are ready, we will email you an invoice. We reserve the merchandise for 48 hours before releasing it to the next customer in line. Whenever possible, we'll also send you a courtesy text or phone call to inform you about your pre-order status.

If you've provided payment information, we'll charge and ship your pre-order items once they arrive. If payment is declined, we will email you an invoice and reserve the merchandise for 48 hours only. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to text Davie at 972-351-3431.